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Joel Mason


Approved Accounting Associates

goes the extra mile for small and medium sized business and Individual Tax Clients. There are some in the accounting industry who excel at helping their clients keep their books and pay their taxes, and then there is Approved Accounting Associates, which does that and a whole lot more.

A good accountant must be many things to his or her clients. A good accountant needs to be a management advisor, business consultant, computer systems consultant, a financial planner, and an investment advisor.

Run by accounting veterans with many many years of experience, Approved Accounting Associates helps business owners connect the dots between the numbers on the balance sheets and the profit & loss statement and the steps necessary to sustain business growth and maintain and achieve profitability.

Most business owners are hands on and do not necessarily have the time to look at and understand the numbers. That is where Approved Accounting Associates steps in. We look at the numbers and help make them come alive for you. We want you to understand the numbers so you can make your business grow. It is not unusual for business owners to focus on the profit & loss statement but not pay much attention to the all important balance sheet. As a result, some businesses can find themselves struggling with cash flow and other issues that Approved Accounting Associates can provide help to improve.

We are really a business development company. We can help our clients develop short and long term strategic business plans to better understand the possibilities and plan for the future.

One of the most valuable services our firm provides is a computerized bookkeeping service utilizing "Creative Solutions Software" that takes much of the day to day financial chore out of the hands of the business owner so he or she can focus on what they do best. We save our clients the back office bookkeeping cost and do it at reasonable fees.

And while the team at Approved Accounting Associates is helping with the books and producing financial statements, its accountants are constantly looking for ways to help the business operation run a little more efficiently.

That means someone may look at your SBA loan or bank loan to make sure you are paying the best interest rate over a reasonable time period, or it may mean they are looking at your insurance policies to assure you have adequate coverage and at the right cost. Workmens Comp Insurance and Health Insurance create complicated decisions today, and we may be able to help with those decisions.

Joel Mason, the managing partner has a background in the hotel industry having been accountant, owner, purchaser, seller, consultant and developer for many hotel projects throughout the United States. He has been involved in Franchised and Independent Hotels, Full Service and Limited Service Hotels and from Luxury to Budget Hotels. Working for clients he has created concepts that have been extremely successful.

When a client is interested in purchasing a business, selling a business, merging a business, buying a parcel of development real estate or an investment in income producing real estate, Approved Accounting Associates can help a client do a complete financial analysis or recommend the right consultants or attorneys for the task before one leaps into a major investment.

The accountants in the office of Approved Accounting Associates are seasoned veterans. They are kept up to date on changes in the tax code and are aware of the necessary steps to help individuals reduce their tax liabilities within the proper IRS guidelines.

Approved Accounting Associates has been in the business for over 40 years, and has a reputation for top notch customer service, that takes the time to present all possible options available to the taxpayer.

The partners - Joel Mason is a CPA and Alan Cohen is a CPA with a Masters Degree in Taxation from St. Johns University. Alan Cohen operates his office in Woodbury, Long Island, New York.

We welcome any questions or comments you may have. Feel free to contact us at any time:

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